About Us

“Ending Hunger in Oklahoma”

What We Do

— Photo by Keisha Register-Faulkenberry

We established the Food for Thought Learning Institute to teach Oklahoma City Metro Area most vulnerable members basic food preparation to end their hunger through:

  • Basic kitchen safety
  • Preparing delicious food
  • Nutritional knowledge
  • Smart shopping techniques

If your organization has even a basic kitchen, the Institute can come to you.

Our future plans include the expansion of our program to encompass poverty-stricken areas throughout the U.S. to end hunger, ultimately rendering programs like this obsolete.

How You Can Help

The Food for Thought Learning Institute runs entirely on your donations.1 We currently need:

  • New or gently-used kitchen items (e.g., cutting boards, colanders, strainers, pots & pans, etc.)
  • Funding
  • Volunteers

Food for Thought is also currently recruiting additional board members.

Accomplishments (So Far …)

Pouring Fritatta Batter
Instructional chef Karen Sonntag demonstrates a frittata at Food and Shelter Inc. — Photo by Keisha Register-Faulkenberry


Now in Our Fourth Year

We partnered with dozens of organizations in Norman and Oklahoma City. We’ve taught well over classes and 1500 kids and adults to make delicious and nutritious meals and smart snack choices.


Thru our ongoing partnership with the Norman non-profit program, Bridges, we teach classes as part of their life skills program. Students learn by doing: chopping, sautéeing, and using the ingredients that happen to be at hand.

Cooking Class at the Center for Children and Families
The Youngest among Us (Neighborhood Center Summer Enrichment Program)

We also partnered with the Center for Children & Families to teach classes for 4th– and 5th-grade boys. We taught the boys basic kitchen tool techniques. Children in this challenging age group are frequently left “in charge” at home, boosting the need for meal preparation skills. We currently teach classes thru their Neighborhood Center Summer Enrichment Program.

Our partners include:

Our Grants!

  • United Way of Norman
  • Norman Communities Foundation
  • Norman Rotary Club
  • City of Norman SVSC
  • Sarkeys Foundation

Kids’ Camp

An ongoing partnership (4 years and counting) with the City of Norman’s Irving Explorers Camp, we teach a 10-week program for children ages 5 – 12. Students learned about healthy and fun snack preparation.


In addition to the cooking class, we taught at the Y’s Camp Classen (Davis, OK). We work closely with YMCA’s 5210 Healthy Kids Initiative.

Young students enjoying class


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